Examples, tutorials, and API referenced to help you start building with NOSTRA MAP


Embed highly customized maps in your applications.

Maps APIs

The Map web services APIs allow for programmatic access to  map-related tools and services.


provides the highest level of navigation service quickly and easily.

Routing API

With the directions-related APIs, you can add routing with turn-by-turn directions to your map.

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route(for truck)

Vehicle Tracking

Provides real-time information on various locations,
such as driving tracks, as well as vehicle status.

Tracking APIs

The tracking API provides real-time location monitoring.

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Driving History


Provides the transmit real-time analysis data.

Mobilizing APIs

The mobilizing API provides real-time collected vehicle information based on ADAS map.

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Driving Pattern analysis

Mobile SDK

SDK for Android/React is an open source toolset for displaying maps, routing inside of your Android application.

Mobile SDK

provides information to help you start using the SDK for Android. Find more information about how to do this inside the project’s GitHub repository.

Documentation & Example

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