Return search results based on search term and coordinate settings


https://maps.fatos.biz/nostra/api/search/POI?(query string)

Parameter : POI 

[ example : category ID ]

https://maps.fatos.biz/nostra/api/search/POI/getcates?key=(Your API Key)

  “strld”: “”,  category ID
  “strName”: “”, category name (Eng)
  “strLocName”: “” category name (local language)

[ example : poi ]

https://maps.fatos.biz/nostra/api/search/POI?key=(Your API Key)&kwd=42414e4b&stype=1&cx=100.600855&cy=13.811968&minx=100.574184&miny=13.478281&maxx=101.097168&maxy=13.829890

 “pgno”:,  page number
 “cnt”:, the number of searches
 “items”: lists of POI search results
  {"id":, poi id
   "name""", POI expression name
   "addr1":"", new address
   "addr2":"", old address
   "phone":"", phone number : separator(,)
   "cate":"", classification code
   "posx":, poi x (longitude wgs84)
   "posy":, poi x (latitude wgs84)
   "entx":, poi entry point X (longitude wgs84)
   "enty":, poi entry point Y (latitude wgs84)
   "dist": distance(meter)

[ Return : JSON type ]